Saturday, June 30, 2012

Over 3 Weeks In Chastity

Yes Ma'am
Yes I'm over 3 weeks in chastity and actually over a month since my last orgasm. I still want to cum bad, but the horniness level has mellowed out for the time being anyway. I have another HOT session with the beautiful Mistress Cassandra planned tomorrow. I've been noticing a lot of precum leaking on my leg in the morning when I wake up. I've read alot about chastity, and everyone seems to say that you will become accustomed to the morning wood. I'm not sure if it's because I have a good size dick or it just hasn't been long enough to become accustomed yet, but I am by no means sleeping thru it. It is a small price to pay, however to please The Dicktator. She is an amazing Mistress, and I feel very fortunate to have found her. I think chastity with my Mistress is going to be permanent from now on. She is so good, and owns me so completely that I don't want to stop even if I could. I want to do a little survey just my own curiousity. How long should Mistress make me wait to cum, and how should I be allowed to cum? Take in mind it's been 32 days since my last orgasm, and I am new to chastity. Having said that please comment or email and let me know what you think. I did forget to mention the cage is back on with no problems as of yet. It just feels so right being on and pleasing my Mistress. Well I'm off to go on a nature hike. I will update tomorrow I promise so check back if you want the session details.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chastity No Cumming: Ladies Please One At A Time

Whatever you say Ma'am
Wow what a night! So I'm on day 19 of chastity and was ordered to take off my cage by my Mistress due to a cut. Let's be clear here I wanted it to stay on she wanted it off to heal. So like a good boy I did what my lady wanted. I decide to go to my local watering hole tonight, where I usually always take a hottie home from. Holy shit take a number doesn't even begin to describe it. I want to state this before I proceed with the details. I have always been good with the ladies it's just a gift, but tonight I was in rare form. It's like they could smell my sexual frustration and were happy to help. Ok so back to the night at hand I walk into my local bar flirt with the girl at the front and make my way to the bar. I am just here to drink mind you, and happen to be friends with several employee's there. After about 30 minutes at the bar one of the waitresses comes up and starts making small talk. I ask her name and flirt like I always do it's just second nature to me. She comes back ten minutes later and wants to know if I'm going to be around when she gets off. Oh you want to know what she looks like huh? About 5' tall blonde, heart shaped ass, and cute as they come; definitely college age. I told her maybe with a wink and a smile. So about 20 minutes pass since that encounter when one of the ladies sitting at the table behind me ask if I have a light. I politely light her cigarette, and we exchange small talk no big deal. She goes back to her table, and I get a sigh of relief. After I finish another beer she comes over to me and whispers in my ear to ask me if I know where the Hampton Inn is? I say well yes of course of I do with a boyish grin. She says good meet me there in 30 minutes this is my room number. Yes this chastity is a bitch for me. Here I am just wanting a cold beer and a loud jukebox, but I now have two girls wanting to get frisky. I am here to tell you tonight is the closest I have come to breaking chastity hands down. I WANT TO FUCK. I hope the capital letters stated my desire well enough. So it's time for me to go or risk whatever punishment Mistress will give me for not obeying her strict command of NO cumming. I pay my tab tell the little hot blonde waitress I have to be up really early, but I will definitely catch her next time. We exchanged numbers and I headed for the door. Yes!! I did it I stayed in chastity for Mistress Cassandra I'm heading home with a hard dick, but nothing I can't handle. Then the hot brunette who was flirting with me on the way in decided to hit me up on the way out. SHIT! So I flirt with her for a few minutes, and she wants to know if I want to go to another place down the road when she gets off in 30 minutes. Take notes here if your looking for ways to pick up women otherwise disregard. I told her "If I come back in 2 weeks from now and you still remember my name, I might go out with you." Yes she will remember my name because everybody wants what they can't have, or at least what they think they can't have. Don't believe me. If your in chastity you want to CUM bad, right. All you have to do is pick, cut, or overpower the keyholder remove the device and pleasure yourself to no end, but you don't. Why? You want to serve, please, and obey your keyholder. You've been told your cock is off limits "you can't have it", and that makes you want it EVEN more right? Tonight was the hardest I've had since I started in chastity with Mistress bar none. I truly wanted to take one of those lovely ladies home and fill in the blanks because I promise a book could've been wrote about the things I would have done to her. I mean I don't even have a cage on right now, whose going to really know? I told you in my last post mental chastity had to be the toughest of all, and it turns out I knew what I was thinking. It's been 28 days since my last orgasm, and since I no longer get to decide when I cum I had to go home alone. Chastity is new to me. Going home from a bar alone is new to me. Not having an orgasm whenever I want is new to me, but being in chastity for Mistress Cassandra just feels so right. I can't explain it no more than I can explain quantum physics, it just is. Remember "Don't let your meat loaf", I'll post again soon check back.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 18 of Chastity: 24/7 Lockdown Baby

Gotta Love It
Well I made it thru the weekend... barely. Yes I'm absolutely still caged, and the balls are slap full of baby juice. I said I was going to post the details of my session with Mistress Cassandra, and I try to do what I say as much as I can help it, but I'm not going to. I will highlight a couple of things, and I'm sorry I won't tease and deny you again lol. If your like me you get enough of that already. I have 2 new assignments for the week, neither of which I'm thrilled about, but it's what makes Mistress happy. Before I list them let me say this I'm not into crossdressing/sissy stuff just not my cup of tea. Now I'm not putting anybody down whatever turns you on go for it. I however am into humiliation. So here is what I have to do, go to Victoria's Secret and buy 3 pair of panties(red, black, and pink), and scan then email a copy of the receipt to confirm in store purchase. I really don't want to do this one, but like I said I get off on humiliation and pleasing my Mistress. The next order of business is to go to my local porn store and buy a nice big fat dildo. So when I complete these I will post some pics for you. I miss sex some kind of bad right now. I got the itch and a phone full of numbers to get it scratched. Mistress actually said I was allowed to have sex I just am not allowed to cum under any circumstances. I really don't trust myself with that yet. I'm pretty sure if I thought about cumming long and hard enough right now I could make it happen lol. Maybe soon I can take a pretty lady out wine, dine, and 69 and her, but not yet. I do have a cut on the base of her cock I noticed this morning. I want to tough it out and keep the chastity device on, so we'll see what the Boss wants me to do. I think chastity without a device has to be the absolute hardest. If your in this boat allow me to give you a pat on the back, seriously. That is John Wayne tough buddy. Would I keep my commitment to my Mistress and honor her wishes? Yes, but I really don't want the mental torment of knowing I could stroke whenever I damn well pleased but couldn't reach climax. I do want to say thank you for taking time to read my blog, and please drop me a comment or two, and as always check out the sexy Mistress Cassandra . Remember folks "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" - Shakespeare, so get out and play.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Over 2 Weeks In Chastity

Strap on While Caged (great tits)
Well I'm past 2 weeks of chastity actually I'm on day 16. I still have my moments of extreme horniness, and find I sometimes reach down to stroke forgetting about my cage until my hand grips plastic. Then the realization sets in that I no longer own this cock, and no longer get to stroke without permission. I still hate pissing sitting down, but it's a must at least for the cage I wear and I fill it up. Mistress and I agreed that purchasing the shorter tube for the cb6000 would not be wise since I will not be able to fit in it. My next purchase of a chastity device will be a metal one from MatureMetal. I am hoping to get a session in tonight with Mistress Cassandra, and I know it will be HOT as always. Nothing like a nice set of big blue balls to start off the week with. I am pretty close to the one month mark since my last orgasm, which was on the 28th of May(5 more days to go). Will Mistress let me cum then? I have no idea that is her decision. I do hope when she grants me release, whenever that may be, that I'm allowed a few days uncaged to cum multiple times, but as I said you know who owns my cock. If you are in the market for a chastity device and are sure that chastity is something you really want I would offer the advice of not buying the cb6000. I would look into a metal one or even a belt. The only thing the cbxxxx series has going for it is that most all videos portray a guy wearing this device. Don't get me wrong it does work I can't touch myself or get out, but it has alot of downsides compared to other devices. I will update after our session to tell how it went, and probably how much hornier I am lol.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Teased and Denied: Hot Session With Mistress

Sign me up Please.
So Sunday was session day with Mistress, and what a session it was. It's been a full two days later and I'm still horny as fuck from it. Mistress had me remove her cock from it's cage, and damn did it feel great to have a full blown erection again. To feel air on it again and watch it grow to it's entirety was an amazing feeling. After releasing me Mistress had me go to Milovana to do a webtease with her. This tease lasted what seemed like 30 minutes, and it may have very well been that long. I lost track of time from being right on the edge the WHOLE time. I loved it at one point when she was chanting "You can't cum" over and over so fucking erotic and frustrating at the same time. Yes her cock was rock hard, dripping pre-cum, and throbbing the color purple dying to cum. When that tease was over all my mind and body wanted was to cum. I mean paint the ceiling, the walls, the floors, just explode like water from a fire hydrant. Oh my session was far from over it was time for more teasing. Mistress had me insert a vibrating prostate stimulator that has 4 settings (slow to fast), and turn it on low while stroking. She wickedly had me go thru the settings increasing the vibrations while stroking harder. She was making sure I stayed on the edge for her just where she wanted me. The clothes pins firmly planted on my nipples creating new sensations and driving me wild. It was so primal the one single need that drives all men right there always one stroke away, but yet also as far as the dark side of the moon. She continued this torment for awhile, then asked me if I knew what time it was. Time to cum I hope. Nope it was time for me to put her cock back where it belongs. She had me take a cold shower while she laughed at my predicament. Then just as quickly as it began the cage was back on and I was once again locked from touching her property. Mistress then gave me my assignment for the week, but I'm not sure if she wants me to tell that yet. I will ask her, but don't worry you will see it on her blog soon enough I assure you.  So guess who is on day 13 of chastity, 22 days without orgasm, and completely horny frustrated? Yep that would be me of course.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 10 of Chastity

Alright so I'm on day 10 now, and boy are my balls blue. I laid in bed last night with balls aching, and cock throbbing. The same girl I went out with last night wants to know if I want to go out tonight and I said no no no. I was very polite as my momma did raise me with manners. I told her we should get together again soon, but I had too much going on this weekend. Tomorrow is my session with Mistress Cassandra, and I'm so looking forward to that. I can't wait to hear her sexy voice, and see what she has in store for me. I still want to buy the shorter tube, but just not sure if I'll be able to fit in it. I would love for no erection at all to take place even though I only get a little erect now. I do miss touching Mistress's cock I won't lie. I can't wait to remove this cage and feel a true hard on again, but I also have come quite fond of the cage. A very weird dynamic at play that I'm not sure I can explain. I still can't believe how much I needed this. Not wanted, but needed. I love the fact that I no longer get to decide anything about her cock. It's all up to her whatever she wants to do with it. If you are looking for a chastity Mistress that will expertly take control of your cock you won't find a better one than Mistress Cassandra. I didn't have a chance to go the porn store for toys, but I have a few. I also have some clothes pins so those should work nicely as nipple clamps. I should be thoroughly worked up after tomorrow's session. Then I still have at least 20 days to go before Mistress will even think of orgasmic relief. I'm getting turned on just thinking of all the endless possibilities she could do to me. Oh the mind is truly thy own worst enemy sometimes. Remember "Live, Laugh, and Love" and let the chips fall where they may.
Just Plain HOT Period.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hard Out Here For A Pimp

Lol I told ya I was putting that as my next post title. The date went great it did end early, but that was because I HAD to. If I didn't this cock cage was getting ripped off, and that pretty lady was getting ravaged. Ok so let's start from the time I arrived in her driveway to pick her up. I walked up to her door knocked and there stood an absolute vision. She has auburn hair down to her shoulders, green eyes, and a neck that would make a vampire lunge. She's wearing a low cut blouse shirt that allows some of her boob to be seen from the side and a mini skirt. She smells like an ocean breeze mixed with cotton candy absolutely intoxicating. Even writing this now I can still smell her on my clothes. We go to dinner and the conversation is fantastic alot of laughing, touching, and flirting. For those not good with the ladies remember this touching is intimate to women the sooner you do it the better, and do it often. No don't grab her ass that's not what I mean lol. If she's laughing at something you said touch the top of her hand or wrist as your laughing with her. If you do this several times during the course of a date I promise your at least getting a kiss. Anyways I can tell she's into me and I'm definitely into her so we leave the restaurant for a bar with a live band. It only gets better after two margaritas she's sitting beside me one hand on my leg very close to where the dick would be if not caged, and the other around me. Yes I was nervous as fuck thinking she might move her hand and feel hard plastic, but it didn't stop me from leaning in for a kiss. When I put my hand on her face and turned her head towards me, and leaned in to kiss her that's when I knew it was time to end the date soon. She felt toooo right and smelled so great that Mistress Cassandra's dick is still throbbing in it's cage. How did you end the date you ask? Well I really want to see her again hopefully with Mistress's permission to please her as long as I don't cum. So I pulled out my phone and like I got a text from someone, which wasn't untrue I did get a text, but I told her it was an emergency that we would have to go. She was very cool about it I dropped her off and kissed her nice and slow for a good 2 minutes. That is serving your Mistress to the fullest. I became her chastity slave and I no longer get to decide what I do with her cock that is her decision. I'm too horny to come up with funny comments right now, but tomorrow is a new day. If you want to join the stable with me and serve a true chastity Mistress go to and tell her Nick sent ya. I'm gonna put a link to a video I find wickedly torturous. I hope everybody enjoys. Drive fast, Take chances.